Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010


Of course, there also was a stop in Helsinki, at the Senaatintori, which is directly in front of the Helsinki city-sign. In summer you can find many people sitting on the stairs in front of the big church, enjoying a break. So did the duckies.

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Sundowns at their best

In Ruissalo, Finland, Monty and Klas enjoyed theirselves at a very nice spot nearby the water, taking a day off from all the sightseeing they did so far.

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Another day in Turku...

Another famous place in Turku is the cathedral (Turun Tuomiokirkko). It was built in the 13 hundreds and it became place of the Archbishops a bit later. It's worth a visit!